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Tina hails from the gritty, suburban landscape of Boonton, New Jersey – a town best known as the punch line of many jokes in the Sopranos. When she wasn’t playing touch football in the street with her brother, Nick, or listening to Beatles songs backwards to find out if Paul really was dead, she was performing…in any way she could. From cheerleading and band competitions, to ballet recitals and school plays, Tina was always rehearsing for something.

She attended Rutgers University and graduated in 1990 with a BA in Communications. Having absolutely no idea what to do with that degree, Tina found herself, days after graduation, pushing the mail cart at the prestigious William Morris Agency as an agent trainee. After three years at WMA, she was recruited by ICM (International Creative Management) to help create and build their scale voiceover department. While being an agent was an incredibly rewarding experience, Tina knew she had yet to satisfy the acting bug that was still buzzing inside of her. So, having gained perspective of the business side of acting (oh, alright… despite having gained this perspective), she decided to trade in her (next to the) corner office overlooking Central Park, for a spot on a dirty classroom floor back at Rutgers University in order to pursue her Master’s Degree in Acting from William Esper’s, Mason Gross School of the Arts.

Armed with a shiny diploma and the number to a killer Beverly Hills hair salon, Tina moved out to Los Angeles to begin her career in 1999 and never looked back. Since then, she has worked steadily in film and television. Credits include: Jane The Virgin, Castle, Parks and Recreation, Two and a Half Men, Numb3rs, Boston Legal, CSI, Cold Case and many more. She can also be heard every Monday night as the voice of the HGTV hit series, Love It or List It as well as countless TV and radio commercials and promos.  Tina received a second Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology in 2013. She is the proud mom to a hilarious and uber-talented daughter, named Callie Okun, who makes every day better than the one before.

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GEM Entertainment Group
Tel (310) 475-4559
(310) 446-8465


SYMPATHY FOR DELICIOUS Corner Store Entertainment d/ Mark Ruffalo
FINAL MOVE Two Sticks Productions d/ Joe Travolta
A DISTANT THUNDER Echo Entertainment d/ Jonathan Flora
THE OPEN GATE Edible Exhaust Productions d/ David Buik
VICTIMS OF THE 23RD CENTURY Tigerlily Productions d/ Jennifer Krute



CASTLE ABC d/ Bill Roe
NUMBERS CBS d/ Colin Bucksey
CSI CBS d/ Terrence O’Hara
COLD CASE CBS d/ Tim Hunter
THE O.C. FOX d/ Norman Buckley
CHARMED – Recurred WB d/ Various
ANGEL WB d/ Vern Gillium
JUST ASK MY CHILDREN – MOW Lifetime d/ Arvin Brown
KING OF QUEENS CBS d/ Rob Schiller
BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 FOX d/ Ian Ziering
ARREST & TRIAL UPN d/ Anthony Jannelli
PASSIONS NBC d/ Grant Johnson
GUIDING LIGHT – Recurred as Laura CBS d/ Various



Hudson Guild Theater THE SIZEMORE INTERVIEWS Cindy
La Mama Annex THE CLIFFS OF MOHER Mariah
Westbank Theater RAT RACE Elizabeth
Westbank Theater UP WITH WHICH WE SHALL NOT PUT Rosannah
Rutgers Theater Company RICHARD II Queen Isabella
Rutgers Theater Company WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY? Nurse Anderson
Rutgers Theater Company THE MUSICAL COMEDY MURDERS OF 1940 Marjorie Baverstock
Rutgers Theater Company ONLY CHILDREN Cara Landford
Rutgers Theater Company FITTING ROOMS Mariel
Rutgers Theater Company MILL FIRE Darlene



MFA, Rutgers Theater Company, Mason Gross School of the Arts

Acting: William Esper, Maggie Flanigan, Joseph Hart, Zina Jasper, Lloyd Richards

Voice/ Speech: Mai Loughran, Nancy Mayans, Patricia Fletcher, Patricia Norcia-Edwards

Movement: Loyd Williamson, Jen Leys, Danielle Liccardo

Combat: Jake Turner

Clown: Lenard Petit



Stage Combat, Skiing, Dance, Rollerblading, Gymnastics, Flute, Voiceover Coach

Dialects: British RP, French, American Southern, New York

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Tina Morasco brings a unique blend of industry and artistry to her VO coaching,
having been a voiceover agent at two of NY’s premiere talent agencies (WME and ICM) as well as a successful VO artist for the past 20 years. Most recently, Tina has been lending her expertise to Sound & Fury Casting, helping hundreds of brands find their perfect voice. Tina is passionate about sharing her experience from both sides of the business and she has a proven track record of discovering new talent and mentoring them into becoming working VO pros. Tina earned her MFA in Acting, training under William Esper at the prestigious Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. In 2013, she also received a second Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, which she also utilizes in her coaching sessions. Techniques such as intention setting, mindfulness, and creating ideal scenes to reach your goals can all be woven into the voiceover curriculum for a holistic approach to launching the career of your dreams.
Tina offers VO coaching, as well as demo preparation and production. Her demos have been well received by the agent community resulting in her clients getting representation at many of LA’s top tier agencies.


Areas of expertise include:       Demos:

Commercial VO – all styles
Demo preparation and production
The business of the business: agent acquisition, relationship building, networking, marketing, and branding
Personal coaching: motivation, intention setting, goal planning, mindfulness, etc.

Available to coach in person in LA or via Skype/FaceTime

1 hour coaching session – $150
5 sessions – $600 ($150 savings)

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  Sample 1
  Sample 2
  Sample 3
  Sample 4
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Atlas Talent – Los Angeles
8721 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Agent: Heather Vergo


GEM Entertainment Group
10920 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 150-9121
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Manager: Glenn Hughes


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25 Things You Don’t Know About Me…

1. I think the world would be a much happier place if everyone would eat like I do. I mean, come on…how can you NOT be happy if everything you eat is covered in frosting and/or sprinkles?

2. I am so competitive and simultaneously so dysfunctional when it comes to watching my daughter struggle, that I actually caught myself trying to help her cheat on her eye exam.

3. My dirty little secret is that I’m addicted to sappy 70’s/80’s love songs. Yes, I am the one crying on the 405 while belting out Eric Carmen’s classic, All By Myself.

4. I may have a master’s degree in spiritual psychology, but the words that bring my soul the most joy are still, “Welcome to Burger King. Can I take your order?” Namaste.

5. I always feel like something big is just around the corner…I really do.

6. With all due respect to my friends who are cat owners, I am not a fan of the species in general. They are too independent for my liking. I need the co-dependency that only a dog can offer.

7. I am very grateful for the life I’ve created.

8. I over react to small things and under react to huge things…Great to have around when you’re experiencing chest pains – not so much fun when the waitress tells me they are out of the brownie sundae.
9. I am convinced that my dog is actually stuffed with Tempur-pedic foam. When I wake up in the morning, he has completely conformed to the shape of my body.

10. I am an out of the closet air drummer.

11. I am also out of the closet regarding my love of Bon Jovi and other Jersey hair bands of the 80’s.

12. I still have aol but, hey…in the words of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, “I’ma take your grandma’s style!”

13. I am terrified of the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz. TERRIFIED!

14. On a recent road trip with my daughter, I voted Adam Levine as the celebrity I would most like to wrestle. I think his underarms would smell nice.

15. I have never eaten the following: (this is only a partial list) – broccoli, cauliflower, hummus, pears, beets, a knish (just think that’s a funny word – but also have never tried one) most items on a sushi menu…I could go on all night – but you get the idea.

16. I have almost no practical life skills so please – eat me first if we are stranded on an island. With all the preservatives and red dye number 6 in me – I should be quite a tasty treat!

17. People with any kind of Asian accent give me an inexplicable internal tickle. I could listen to them speak forever.

18. Finding the time to meditate totally stresses me out…Hmmm

19. If I could have any one super power it would be teleportation. I keep asking my friends who work for Aerospace where we are with that…they always falsely assume I am joking.

20. I still find myself quoting Seinfeld episodes more than 15 years after the fact. Why, just the other night “I dipped, I took a chip, and then, I dipped again!”
21. We recently adopted a pug named CeeLo. Before you judge, just try to deny the resemblance.

22. Turns out, I’m a bit over-animated when playing charades…sorry to those of you who have found out the hard way.

23. I am dedicated to becoming a better person today than I was yesterday. Fortunately, the bar has been set fairly low.

24. I never knew bats were real until I went to grad school for acting and saw one in a rehearsal hall. I honestly thought they were fictional – like vampires. Wait…vampires aren’t real too, are they?

25. I may or may not exaggerate slightly when telling a story. While I will admit to enjoying dramatic effect…I did, in fact, break my knee while projectile vomiting on a small Cuban woman. Can’t make that up that kind of gold.